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Don't Tread on Me (TikTok)

Don't Tread on Me (TikTok)

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In the digital age where memes run wild, There's a platform that's left many beguiled. TikTok, they call it, a social media craze, With dances and challenges that leave us in a daze.

But amidst the laughter and viral clips, There's a shadow lurking, ready to eclipse. For the government says it's time to intervene, And ban TikTok from screens, as if it were unclean.

They cite security concerns, privacy fears, As they draft up laws to bring TikTok to tears. But the users revolt, with hashtags ablaze, Defending their app in a digital maze.

For TikTok is more than just silly trends, It's a community where creativity blends. From lip-syncing to skits, it's a place to belong, And the thought of it disappearing just feels so wrong.

So as the battle rages on in the halls of power, TikTok's users refuse to cower. For they know the true value of this app, And they'll fight tooth and nail to keep it on tap.

Whether it's banned or allowed, only time will tell, But one thing's for certain, they'll fight tooth and nail.

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