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Just a Super Regular Guy Panda

Just a Super Regular Guy Panda

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In the realm of fast food, where flavors collide, There's a place that beckons with dishes worldwide. But amidst the orange chicken and chow mein delight, Lurks a danger that haunts us long into the night.

With each bite of Beijing Beef, each forkful of rice, You're lured into a world of culinary spice. But beware, dear friend, for there's a price to pay, As your stomach protests in a most urgent way.

For this place, with its bold flavors so grand, Can leave your insides in a most fiery demand. As the Kung Pao chicken wreaks havoc within, You're left sprinting to the bathroom with a panicked grin.

This is our curse, they whisper in hush, A culinary adventure that ends in a rush. So as you savor those flavors, heed this decree, For while it can be tasty, it's not always free.

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